Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"I'll Pander 4 U, Baby"

Multi-Platinum teen singing sensation Colby Arnold will release an acoustic EP, Love U Baby, on Tuesday, April 12th. Love U Baby will be available in a variety of formats around the world, each featuring exclusive bonus tracks.

Standard Edition
“Summertime Crush”
“Don’t Cry, Baby”
“Lovin U”
“Four Tracks Ain’t Enough of Me”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
“Lovin U More Than Girls Who Bought the Standard Edition”

Japan Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
“Eating on the Floor While Wearing Wooden Flip-Flops”
“I Hope This Paper House Doesn’t Catch Fire (From Our Friction)”

NASA Gift Shop Bonus Track
"Supernova (Kissin' Ur Lips on the Surface of the Sun)"

Yankee Stadium Bonus Track
"Red Sox Fans Are Inbred"

Fenway Park Bonus Track
"Yankee Fans Can't Read"

Taliban Edition Bonus Tracks
“I Hate America When I’m With You”
"My Phone's Blowin Up"

Pepsi Shareholders Edition Bonus Track
"I'd Rather Kill Myself Than Drink a Coke"

Coca Cola Shareholders Edition Bonus Track
"Pepsi Tastes Like Diarrhea"

700 Club Direct-Order Bonus Track
"Conception (Is When Life Begins, Girl)"

Planned Parenthood Bonus Track
"Good Magazines (I'll Wait for You)"

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