Friday, March 25, 2011

"This Guy Has Been Around Forever"

-Have you tried this new milk stuff?
-Yeah, it’s this creamy liquid that comes from cows. Super tasty.
-I know what milk is, champ. I drank it months ago.
-Really? I just read a review of it in Drinks Magazine.
-I read about it in Obscure Liquids Gazette, a local independent pamphlet. Milk used to be a lot better before it got all homogenized. Now everyone drinks it. It's been commercialized for the masses.
-But it tastes so good.
-I’ve moved on. I only drink goose bile. It channels the energy of liver and distills thousands of flavors of complex mucus and digestive excretions into one very singular and sublime vision.
-I remember when you were an okay guy.

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