Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Mission Accomplished"

-Mr. Dickens, I take it your sabbatical to the country was well? We are eager to publish the remaining adventures of Edwin Drood. Mr. Dickens? Are you okay?


-Mr. Dickens? Where are the new chapters?

-There are no more chapters. On my trip I met with a soothsayer who informed me of my fate. In the year 2005, Jenna Long, a fourteen year-old American student, will announce to her English teacher that I am a fraud. She will say that the symbolism in Great Expectations is unintentional, that I was merely writing because I am drunk and need money, and that teachers only assign my novel as part of a grander scheme of torturing young people.

-But sir, those are the ramblings of a child.

-A child who knows the truth. She will expose me. I must not continue. I must not anger Jenna Long.

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