Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Family Computer"

DOUBLECLICK ADVERTISING SERVER ONE: You see this order? We need three banner ads for IP
DOUBLECLICK ADVERTISING SERVER TWO: Yeah, it’s showing Female 45-60, suburbs outside Atlanta. I’m thinking we do one for Foundry Park Spa and two for Talbot’s.
ONE: Look closer. The profile also shows a strong interest in video games and extreme sports. I say we do two for Talbot’s and one for the new Shaun White Skateboarding game.
TWO: Huh. Check this out. This user spends almost equal time shopping at upscale women’s clothing websites and looking at lesbian pornography. I can’t imagine what sort of bizarre person this is.
ONE: So let’s do one for Talbot’s, one for Shaun White, and one for
TWO: Hang on. This last part shows considerable interest in golf and retirement planning.
ONE: Well…Huh. A non-traditional user, with interests spanning across several demographic and psychographic categories. It’s almost as if the user has…
TWO: Dissociative Identity Disorder! That’s it! Three ads for Saddle Brook Psychotherapy Associates.
ONE: We nailed it. A real hole-in-one.

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