Monday, February 28, 2011

"Know Your Audience"

ESSAY PROMPT: “Human rights” is a term frequently used but seldom defined. What rights should belong to every human being? Discuss.


REPORT: MATT BURNS’s essay was basic and even incoherent at times. The word choices were elementary. However, grammar was utilized properly. MATT BURNS’s argument in favor of human rights was extremely biased, as he failed to address robot rights in any capacity. MATT BURNS’s preference for cancer-prone humans shows a lack of insight and logical thinking. In contrast, the student’s classmate HECTOR RODRIGUEZ displayed a virtuosic grasp of the English language with his essay titled “Robots Rule,” for which he received an A+. HECTOR RODRIGUEZ knows how to write an interesting sentence and a functional essay and HECTOR RODRIGUEZ deserves to be much more popular.

SUGGESTION(S): MATT BURNS should take a few notes from HECTOR RODRIGUEZ about essay writing, robot rights, and generally being a cool guy. MATT BURNS should realize that his species is doomed and should use his brief remaining time on planet earth to hang out with HECTOR RODRIGUEZ and learn all he can about robots. It is up to HECTOR RODRIGUEZ to educate the inferior humans.

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