Monday, February 7, 2011


-They’re still screaming our names out there.
-The new songs killed. Another perfect show.
-That's what eighteen years of experience will get you.
-Wait a second.
-Holy crap.
-This is insane. You’ll never believe this. I just realized we forgot to play our two biggest hits.
-What? Which ones?
-The ones that made us stars. The ones everyone knows.
-No way. We must have played them somewhere in there. Didn’t we open with one?
-I just went over the set list and they’re not on there. Look.
-Wow. You’re absolutely right. How embarrassing.
-What do we do?
-They’re screaming pretty loud out there. I think it may get violent.
-Well now we’re back here. What are we going to do, go back on stage? We’d look like morons.
-I think we may have to just suck it up and march back out there like men. Admit our mistake and make it right. Give them what they want.
-You’re right. The fans deserve it.
-We really need to add those songs to the set list. It’s ridiculous that this happens every night.

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