Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"After Life"

-Hey, are you here for the viewing too?
-Yeah, this should be fun. Very exciting. The donation card was so vague. All it said was “science.” Who knows where our bodies will end up? It’ll be good to know what happens to the old meat bag.
-I know. It’s like the lottery for our bodies. But no matter what, it will be helpful.
-Check it out. I can see mine being loaded onto that truck. If I’m reading that sign right, it looks like I’m headed up 85 to the Bodies exhibit! Nice! That’s where they put the bodies in cool poses on display in nice museums.
-Awesome. I see mine getting loaded into the truck behind yours. Looks like both our bodies will have lives of luxury. People will come from all over and pay to see us.
(They high-five)
-Wait a second. Why does my truck have its signal on?
-It looks like it’s getting off the exit. Maybe the truck needs gas.
-That exit sign said the Durham County College of Plastic Surgery is over there.
-I’m sure it’s just getting gas.
-The truck is parking in the Durham County College of Plastic Surgery parking lot. Those guys in coats just tossed my body into a rolling crate. Come on! Be gentle.
-What the hell? Your body over there is being treated like a prince! Those doctors are handling you like a Faberge Egg! They put a pillow under you! A pillow under your dead body!
-Well, come on, it’s not like it matters…
-Are you watching this? They cut my head off! They just cut my head off! And they put my body in the dumpster! Not even a special dumpster for people! My body is in there with the rotting trash of amateur plastic surgeons! Look at yours! They just said a prayer for you! All of the scientists prayed for you! A rat is chewing my toe!
-I mean…Did you…I don’t know. Did you do anything to deserve this? Were you a bad person?
-Oh my god. Maybe you’re right. I never considered myself a bad person, but I did lie to my parents sometimes and once I stole a pack of gum. I always apologized, but maybe I do deserve this. You must have earned your royal treatment. Surely you lived a life free of sin.
-Don’t take this the wrong way, but I used to drown cats for fun. Like, my entire life. I never grew out of it.
-Well this shows what I get for trying to help someone. She’s cutting my scalp open! Slicing it right open; peeling my head like an orange. And she’s not even making a straight line. This is what it’s come to? My body is just an entry on the materials list for a facelift experiment? While your body is tastefully presented holding a football in an athletic stance.
-Hey, does it really matter? We left those bodies in our past. They can no longer define us, right?
-That’s easy for you to say. People are taking pictures with you! That lady is stabbing a syringe all over my face. She’s not even looking when she does it.
-Try to focus on the positives?
-You would be okay with your body being mutilated by a junior surgeon?
-Of course I’d be okay with it! I’m not using it anymore and it will help her.
-Maybe you’re right.
-We are no longer constrained by our physical appearance. Just let it go. Anything that happens to our bodies is out of our control and I’m totally okay with that.
-You’re right. Let it go. As long as my body is being used for good and to bring happiness to the world, I’m okay. She will become a better surgeon thanks to my body.
-Great. Feels good, doesn’t it?
-Hey, look at yours. That seventh grader is humping your body while his friends laugh. I guess it is nice to see our bodies used to bring joy.
-Are you serious? Stop it! Stop it, you disgusting kid! That’s my body! Get away from there! That’s mine! You're trash! You're scum!

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