Monday, June 28, 2010

"You Do the Rest"

An excerpt from You Do the Rest, the new book from Milton Fitz, Hollywood’s favorite joke set-up writer.

I was having computer trouble the other day so I called up customer service and requested some help with my modem.

You ever wonder why it takes so long to be seated in a Chinese restaurant?

These days kids are so distracted by technology. Just yesterday my daughter said to me, “Dad, can I get a second cell phone?”

This morning I brushed my teeth backwards.

I hate going to the dentist.

I went to get a library card last week and they asked to see a valid form of identification.

My wife’s cooking is so bad.

My mother in law stayed at my house last weekend. I let her sleep in the guest bedroom.

I was raised Jewish in the suburbs.

Just the other day my brother said to me, “We should plan a family reunion.”

All these plus many more perfect set-ups in You Do the Rest, coming to bookstores this autumn. And look for Milton's one-man show Just the Straight Man, the hysterical comedy in which Milton only wrote dialogue for the straight-man, touring the nation beginning in August.

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