Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Big Bill's Barbecue"

Hey, everyone! Come on down to Big Bill’s Barbecue tonight for a great meal! We’ve got the best ribs in town! Get a whole rack of ‘em smothered in our signature sauce, prepared fresh every day by our sauce master Roger! We’ve got great pork sandwiches, homemade cornbread, and shrunken children. What? Did I say shrunken children? I didn’t mean that; I meant beef brisket! Yep, tender beef brisket, not shrunken children! There’s no shrunken children here. Well, actually we might have a few shrunken children in the back. Just two or three, not a dozen. Wait, what? We have six dozen? Okay, we might have some shrunken children. I suppose you could say our kitchen is full of shrunken children. They’re about eight inches tall and will work for pennies an hour. We got ‘em in bulk from a Polynesian witch a few years back. You know, it was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time but it didn't really work out. But, yeah, anyways, come on down to Big Bill’s Barbecue for slow-roasted ribs, signature sauces, and maybe some shrunken children! Bring the kids, they’re free on Tuesdays. Just don't let them in the back!

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