Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Mystery of Rogers Street

Another murder. It was just like any other Monday in Baltimore.

“Why Monday mornings?” wondered Lieutenant Jeff Pesh aloud. “Can’t they wait until we’re awake?”

He was assigned to investigate the scene. At the corner of Lock and Rogers lay a body, shot twice in the stomach. “This won’t lead anywhere,” said Pesh when he saw the corpse. “These things never get solved.”

He kneeled next to the body and found a handgun, the murder weapon. He dusted it for prints and found two exact matches, which led him to Peter Melden, a man who calmly admitted to committing the murder.

Jeff Pesh went home that night and slept soundly.

Wow. I honestly though there was more to that story. You know, my publisher probably isn’t going to be pleased. We agreed on 350-400 pages and this thing is maybe a quarter of one page. I just assumed there was more to the story; that it would have several interesting twists and turns, clues and leads and interesting characters and red herrings and all that stuff. But then I sat down to write it and, what do you know, the whole mystery was solved in one night. You know, a lot of people have told me I should have some sort of an outline planned before I start writing and I always tell them to mind their own business or “shut your face,” but now I think they might be on to something there. It’s just like when people tell me I shouldn’t eat soup out of my shoes. But what do they know? It tastes better like that.

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