Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Martin Luther's Other Lists

His 95 Theses get all the press coverage, but Martin Luther was perhaps the most prolific list maker of his time. Here are three of his other, albeit less popular, lists.

"Five Women Who Have Refused to Have Intercourse with Me Due to My Smell"

  1. Edith Dudley
  2. My wife, Katherine
  3. Elizabeth Sutton
  4. Mary, whose last name I have forgotten
  5. Joyce Langley

"My Three Favorite Appendages"

  1. Left arm
  2. Left leg
  3. Right leg

"Seventeen Names People Have Called Me at the Market"

  1. ML
  2. Marty
  3. Dirtbag
  4. Stink-Face
  5. Turd Shoes
  6. “Farty”
  7. Dick Lips
  8. Thief
  9. Scammer
  10. Two-Eyed Pile of Crap
  11. Sack of Crap
  12. That guy who doesn’t wear underpants
  13. Heretic
  14. Fatso
  15. Bird Seed
  16. Beans for Brains
  17. Tiny Ballsack O’Henry


pandasalsa said...

i hate all you college english kids.

Chris said...

Screw what pandasala said, Matt. Your site is very clever. Enjoyed all of the funny, imaginative stories. Just keep doing what you're doing, sonny, and f-ck everybody else.