Monday, July 28, 2008

"A Ridiculous Man"

He wore a green sweater over a pink shirt with a purple bow-tie and a rainbow belt. And why shouldn’t he? He was a ridiculous man. He was riding his horse as fast as he would gallop straight down the interstate highway. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. He was, after all, a ridiculous man. The horse was running into oncoming traffic while the man shouted, “Tomato soup is on sale! Tomato soup is on sale!” It seemed very normal to him, for he was a ridiculous man. He stood up on his horse, crouched down into a squatting position, leaped sixty feet into the air, did three backflips, read David Copperfield, and landed in a garden seated next to a white tiger. The tiger looked at him and said, “Would you like a slice of pizza?” This, to him, seemed odd. He was a ridiculous man, but that was just too ridiculous. White tigers don’t like pizza. They prefer snakes and water buffalo.

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