Sunday, June 15, 2008

This case just isn’t going anywhere. Come on, I’m a detective. This is my job. I’m supposed to solve the case. I’m supposed to find the connections. But I just can’t. These four murders have to be related, but how? They’re all so unique. The first victim was hit by a car. The next was shot. The next was hanged and the final one was stabbed. What’s the correlation? I need to find it. Okay, let’s see. The first victim was hit by an unidentified BMW. There are a million BMWs around here. Heck, even I drive one. There’s got to be another link. The second victim was shot by a .45 caliber M1911, the same gun everyone on the force has. Anyone can get one of those. The hanging victim was found with a ¼ nylon double braided black rope, the same kind I use on my sailboat. The last guy was stabbed with a Cold Steel Recon Tanto knife, the kind hunters use. The only other evidence is my receipt for a BMW, bullets, rope, and a Cold Steel Recon Tanto knife found at the scene of the final crime. Wait a second. There’s the link! I’ve solved it. Whose receipt was that again? Oh, it's mine. Looks like I murdered those four people. Oh, jees. Well I guess this makes my job a lot easier. Case closed. Now I just have to set a trap for myself and walk into it.

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