Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Gordon,

I apologize. What you saw me doing was the result of a terrible misunderstanding on my part. I absolutely realize what I did and do not wish any harm upon the company or any of its employees. Please do not fire me. I can explain my actions.

From the time I could hear and speak, I have suffered from a condition known as TB Switchies which causes me to mishear the sound of the letter T in words as the sound of the letter B. It caused me great suffering in school, especially when I had to read aloud from what I thought was A Bale of Boo Cities. The children laughed at me and called me names like Bales, Baley Boo, and idiot.

I began to get a grasp on my condition with the help of a sound therapist in college and haven’t had a relapse in months. Again, I am sorry.

That is why you walked in on me having sex with the copier after you told me it needed more toner.


Alex Jefferies


GTJackets530 said...

That was a good one. 5 stars.

rue said...

Bale of Bwo CiBies.
Shame on you.